NPR Radio Interview Analysis

I did my analysis on the interview by Terri Gross in Fresh Air regarding Barney Frank, member of congress, publicly coming out as gay. The interviewer opened with a background of when Frank first realized he was gay as a 14-year-old boy. She correlates this subject with his love for politics at a young age, but that he knew it would effect his career. She continues to give history on his accomplishments, including his support in gay rights legislation, which associates the topic of the interview with his background.

Gross does little to ease into the topic, immediately asking Frank if he was in any open relationships when he first went into politics. This allowed the topic of controversy in the late 60s and 70s with gay rights to be reflected on. He continued to express his goals and feelings on gay rights at that time and how he knew he could have an impact on it. I found it awesome that he shared his specific, personal feelings he had with the interviewer on his struggle of hiding that he was gay while in politics.

I liked that the interviewer shared different viewpoints and asked about scenarios that let Frank share personal stories that would be an interest to the listener. Although the topic is controversial, neither Gross or Frank came off as bias. Frank stayed lighthearted and spoke civilly yet sternly about the subject of gay rights. Each question was played off the topics Frank covered as he responded mostly with personal experiences that exemplified the general subject of reactions and interactions of Frank’s peers through his journey in coming out. Gross made sure to also cover the scandalous, personal questions that the public would be interested in knowing, and approached it by building it up with background information on the scenario.

It didn’t seem like Gross and Frank were friends, but the tone of the interview was conversational and composed. Neither of them had hostility towards the other person or the topic, which made it enjoyable to listen to. I learned that it is important not to offend the interviewee by keeping a consistent tone and to always be sensitive to any personal topics.


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