Copy Edit the World


There should be a comma after “principles” because it is listing more than one idea. It should be “patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts”. This was a powerpoint in my Anthropology class.


“Cheese” is spelled wrong.”Bacon Egg & Chesse” should be “Bacon Egg & Cheese” Found in City Bagels in Downtown San Jose.

Screen shot 2015-02-23 at 1.41.50 PM

This was taken from an article on National Enquirer’s website about Kate Hudson’s love life. In the top paragraph, they did not end the last quote starting with “Since she played…” The same problem occurs in the paragraph below that. They should be corrected to the following:

“Since she played [groupie] Penny Lane in ‘Almost Famous,’ she’s felt it’s cool to be with rock ‘n’ roll guys.

“But everyone knows rock stars are always traveling and have late nights with lots of friends and groupies.


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