What Makes It News?

I was on Twitter this morning and saw people commenting on a shooting near UNC Chapel Hill in North Carolina. I decided to look more into it, and read further on an article on CNN.com that it was a neighbor dispute over a parking space where three UNC students were shot in the head by their neighbor this past Tuesday. They are investigating more into the shooting because the three victims were all Muslim, so it could possibly be considered a hate crime.

This story is newsworthy in multiple ways. Is it very significant and causes a serious impact not only on the family members of the victims, but in this case on the Muslim community as well. The possibility of this tragedy being a hate crime causes conflict and arises religious issues. As a student, human interest is definitely a factor in this story because the victims were all college students. I also have a neighbor that starts problems with us and have always been afraid he would take it to the next level and harm us physically, so relevance is definitely prevalent in this article.

A way I could localize this story to the Bay Area community would be interviewing college students studying locally. I would ask questions about their response to the crime, since they could relate as students. Featuring an article in the San Jose State school paper could also localize the story by informing peers that may be in a similar situation with their neighbors.


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