My Favorite Writing

I took a Writing Fiction class last semester and was introduced to many nonfiction short stories written by talented people. One that caught my eye was the famous “The Tell Tale Heart”, written by the amazing Edgar Allen Poe. I found this piece so alarming, in the most compelling way, mostly because of the tone he started with. While reading it, I felt embodied by the character and his nervousness. Not only do you get a description of the setting, but you are predominately in the narrator’s head, who you find out committed murder. His insanity is prevalent in his short, urgent sentences and continuous use of exclamation marks. He didn’t like the way the man looked at him, and that was enough reason for him to kill him. He was paranoid the entire story, especially while he was trying to convince the police it was not him, but after he was caught, his writing went right back to short, urgent sentences. I appreciate this piece mostly because it dissects the mind of an insane person, and at the same time tells a story. It has helped me broaden my knowledge in exploring different viewpoints when writing nonfiction stories, which has completely benefited me in the long run.


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