About Me

A little about me….to say the least. Jessica Sarah Donyanavard. The middle and last name is rooted from my (half) Iranian background. I was born and raised in the Los Angeles county in a suburb twenty minutes away from Hollywood. I came to good ol’ San Jose to pursue my academic career, minoring in Advertising and eventually picking up an English focus. I have a passionate love for writing, and sometimes I believe that is the only skill I have acquired. Math, history, science has never been of interest to me. I started writing early, printing out my “poetry” in fifth grade and handing it out to my classmates (like they gave a shit). I find it completely therapeutic, although like any other human being, I have plenty of flaws I am always working on bettering. I have a serious problem with mixing up my tenses in my writing, specifically when writing stories, whether they are first person or third person. I also have been meaning to enhance my vocabulary, so that I stop stumbling over what words I am thinking of that don’t immediately come to mind while writing. I would love to work in magazine layout, and hopefully find my way into writing for a column as a LONG term goal. Right now I am working on building my skills and applying what I learn from my classes to the real world. That’s about it…so far!


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